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Biggest 5D Cinema of the World, China
BSM is providing uncompressed 24K@60 FPS 3D playback system, camera based auto alignment and incredible show control for the world biggest 5D cinema, which is currently setup in China. More news to come later this year, stay tuned!

Dreamtime-Dome - Europa Park, Rust, Germany
Photo: Europa ParkEuropa Park - according to TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2014 "Best Theme Park of Europe" - is celebrating its 40th anniversary by opening various additional shows and attractions. The "Dreamtime Dome" is a 23 meter diameter dome running the "Beatifull Europe" show. BSM provides uncompressed Video playback and camera based Auto Alignment. 11 WUXGA projectors and 25 Dante audio channels are served from a single BSM HD12-PLUS. The nature of this geodestic "mobile" outdoor dome requires very frequent recalibration of warping and blending, what can easily done with our fixed installed Auto Alignment System. Attraction design and realization: Triad Berlin, AV integrated by Neumann & Müller.

Flying Theaters - Wanda Movie Park, Wuhan, China
Dalian Wanda Group, one of China's biggest property developer, opened its Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan. The movie park includes several attractions including two Flying Theaters, built by Dynamic Attractions. BSM provided uncompressed, redundant 7K playback, camera based Auto Alignment and Show Control for this stunning rides. Movie was created by award-winnig CGI moviemaker Pixomondo, AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

Deep Sea Odyssey - Ocean Kingdom, Zhuhai, China
The biggest theme park to open in 2014 was Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Fuxiang Bay, China. It has already set several Guinness World Records, including the record for the world’s largest aquarium. Within part of that aquarium lies Ocean Kingdom’s signature attraction: Deep Sea Odyssey. BSM provided uncompressed, redundant playback system, show control, camera based Auto Alignment and monitoring for this Falcon's Treehouse attraction. BSM also created custom software for photo stations: visitors can take a picture of themselves, which later appears in the ride as overlays in the video. Multiple blended screens and a dome projection is included in this fantastic ride.
AV intergrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

ARTHUR ride - Europa Park, Rust, Germany
BSM provided Show Control, uncompressed Video Servers and camera based Auto Alignment for Europa Park's latest spectacular ride ARTHUR. Europa Park used our Conductor Pro software for programming their incredible animatronics, powered by Weigl EM show controllers.
AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

Alien Attack - Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou, China
One of China's largest amusement parks, Chimelong Paradise, opened its newest and most exciting ride. Alien Attack is a ride in a tram, surrounded by 360°, 3D projection. BSM provided uncompressed, redundant video servers, show control and camera based Auto Alignment for this new attraction built by Dynamic Attractions, movie was created by Oscar-winning CGI moviemaker Prana/Rhythm and Hues, AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

WU Kingdom Helv Relics Museum - Wuxi, China
Photo: Tamschick Media+SpaceTime Machine: How Great Helv Is! Tamschick Media + Space created this award winning, interactive space. BSM provided video playback for the linear movie of the story with realtime overlaying the interactive part. BSM also provided IR cameras and special IR light masks necessary for perfect detection of visitor movement. An incredible example of great interactive story telling - we are pleased to be part of the team. Read more at Tamschick Media + Space. Lead Agency: ACCIONA Producciones y Diseno. AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technology.

"Virtual Aquarium" - City of Dreams, Macau SAR, People's Republic of China
The massive 250 square meters curved screen at the entrance of the City of Dreams casino was refurbished after four years of 24/7 operation. BSM was chosen to upgrade the 16 channel rear projection with its Auto Alignment system.

Russian Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance Centre, Moscow
BSM provided the linear playback systems for the recently opened Russian Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance Centre. In total, about 50 playback channes were realised with our products, including a 360° 4D cinema with Auto Alignment, a massive panoramic projection with Auto Alignment and several other panoramic projections. The BSM Auto Alignment was also used to realize an interactive projection on a star shaped table.
AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

Turtle Trek - Seaworld Orlando, USA
Seaworld Orlando Turtle Trek DomeThis passive 3D Dome Projection with 34 projectors and up to 60 FPS per eye is a new milestone for BSM. We provided Video Servers, Auto Alignment and Show Control for the new Turtle Trek attraction at Seaworld Orlando.

Designed and supervised by Falcon's Treehouse, AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.
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Autostadt Audi Pavilion - Wolfsburg, Germany
The new Audi-Pavilion at Autostadt opened in spring 2012. To realize this 360° projection with 12 projectors, BSM provided 6 x BSM HD3D-ECO 2010 server, BSM Auto Calibration (with 3 cameras) and BSM Show Control.

AV integration was done by ProfiMusik.

Manta Ride - Seaworld San Diego, USA
SeaWorld San Diego Manta RideThe new Manta Ride at Seaworld San Diego starts with a 25 meter long tunnel . 24 projectors create a seamless image on the tunnel screen. 12 x BSM Video Servers, BSM Auto Alignment (with 13 cameras) and BSM Show Control are used to realize this attraction.

Designed and supervised by Falcon's Treehouse, AV integrated by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.
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Click to enlarge...We teamed up with Sanyo to create a seamless 360° projection for the Integrated Systems 2011 show in Amsterdam. BSM Video Servers and BSM Auto Alignment was used to show the movie on 8 x 2K projectors, BSM Show Control added some lightning effects on the booth and 7 projectors presented on the ground floor got their images from BSM Presenter digital signage system, synchronized to the main 360° projection.

Madame Tussauds London
Click to enlarge...BSM Video Servers and BSM Auto Alignment are used to run this mixture of a 5D cinema with a central 3D projeciton and a surrounding dome projection for a great and immersive experience.

C2 Turnkey Solutions: NanoSpheron
Click to enlarge...16 video channel stereoscopic dome - extremely immersive!
BSM Video Servers and BSM Auto Alignment are used for this attraction.

World Expo 2010: City of Shanghai Pavillion
Click to enlarge...BSM Video Servers and BSM Show Control are used for this unique 360° dome show.

The Bubble - City of Dreams, Macau SAR, People's Republic of China
Seamless high quality video projection in a 36 Meter Dome with elliptical ground. Total resolution of 30 Megapixel and perfectly smooth 60 Frames per Second - realised with a HD3D+Server cluster.

THEA Award 2009 for Outstanding Achievement
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OCT East Shenzhen/China: Circumotion
BSM Video Servers are used to run this 16 channel stereoscopic 360° projection.
The attraction was realized by Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

"Virtual Aquarium" - City of Dreams, Macau SAR, People's Republic of China
250 square meters curved screen, perfectly warped and blended. High quality video playback. Total resolution of 24 Megapixel - 24/7 operation. Realised with HD3D+Servers.
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"STATE OF FLUX" - Rainer Gamsjaeger
Click to enlarge...Videoinstallation "STATE OF FLUX" of Rainer Gamsjaeger presented in the "Landesgalerie" Linz as part of the series "One Night Stand".
16x4 metres, playout, warping and blending is done by one of our videoservers.
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2 Channel HD for IAA
Click to enlarge...The Munich based agency Future Headz used our HD3D+Server to advertise for the new Mini Clubman - on the wall of the Frankfurt's Trade Tower.

360° Cylindric Projection
At the opening event of the new furnace at voestalpine Stahl GmbH we realised a 360° projeciton on a 7.5 x 4 meter cylinder.
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